Health Advisory – Emerging Tickborne Disease Guidance in Pennsylvania issued – 8/26/22


• Borrelia miyamotoi disease has been detected in multiple Pennsylvania residents. Healthcare providers (HCPs) should consider Borrelia miyamotoi disease in patients presenting with compatible symptoms.
• An Amblyomma americanum tick (lone star tick) in southeast Pennsylvania tested positive for Heartland virus. To date, no human cases of Heartland virus have been detected in Pennsylvania residents, but HCPs should consider Heartland virus in patients presenting with compatible symptoms, especially in those reporting a tick bite.
• Amblyomma maculatum ticks (Gulf coast ticks) have colonized areas of southeastern Pennsylvania. Rickettsia parkeri has been identified in at least one Pennsylvania Gulf coast tick.

Please see the attached pdf document (Here) for the entire health advisory.

Thank you, Pennsylvania Department of Health