NCMS History

Established in 1849 the Society was brought together in order that physicians could address the problems pertaining to the practice of Medicine in Northampton County. The Northampton County Medical Society in the Nineteenth Century defined the acceptable moral and professional standards required of medical practitioners during a time when the practice of medicine was rife with quacks and charlatans. The Society determined the standardization of fees. In the early days attention was devoted to the development of medical educational forums. Topics discussed included “ Peurperal Fever Capable of being Transmitted by Contagion.”

Going into the 20th century, the NCMS reviewed the Flexnor Report on medical education of 1912 and subsequently directed that graduate medical education in Northampton County be guided by Easton and St Lukes Hospitals.

In 1903 The Northampton Medical Society concerned itself with epidemiologic issues like typhoid fever which was ascertained to be coming from drinking water pollutants in the Delaware River. Society epidemiologic oversight continued into the 1960’s and concerned itself with the administration of the oral Sabin Polio Vaccination.

The Northampton Medical Society is 170 years old with a fine tradition of service to our profession, to our patients, and to our community. The Northampton County Medical Society Physicians continue to provide a local forum for education and a platform from which physicians can speak and be represented at state and national levels. The Society allows practitioners to extend their arm into organized medicine advocating for our patients and the general medical community.