Join The Northampton County Medical Society

Membership in your county medical society NCMS is included in your state membership to PAMED, the Pennsylvania Medical Society. We partner together to inform and organize on both a state and community level.

Membership in PAMED and NCMS is a statement of your commitment to the medical professionand to the patient-physician relationship.

You will gain access to these valuable member benefits:

  • Stay up to date with local medical events with our calender postings.
  • Learn of medical news that effects your practice.
  • Meet your CME requirements—including patient safety and risk management hours—with our free online CME.
  • Easily keep track of your CME with CME Tracker.
  • Let patients easily find you using our most popular website feature.
  • Reduce the stress of looking for a job. Browse job openings and post your CV for free onour JobBank. When you’ve landed a job, have your contract reviewed at a discounted rate with our contract review service.
  • Learn how to run your practice more efficiently. We offer practice management tips, reimbursement news, and resources for your practice.
  • Get personalized reimbursement information and guidance from our expert practice economics and payer relations staff.
  • Find out how new laws and regulations could affect your practice.
  • Know that our expert staff is constantly working on your behalf with legislators, regulators, and payers across the state.
  • Advocacy - We meet with our local legislators on a regular basis and advocate on your behalf. If you would like an issue discussed with one of our local legislators please call our office.