PA Dept of Health – Health Advisory – Measles Identification and Prevention in PA

• Currently there is an ongoing measles outbreak in Columbus, Ohio. The first case
was identified October 22, 2022, and as of December 12th there are 73 confirmed
cases. There is concern that there will be spread into neighboring states including
• The measles outbreak in Ohio, combined with the predicted seasonal increase in
internationally imported measles cases, is of special concern.
• Providers should consider measles in patients with a febrile rash illness lasting three
days or more, a fever of 101ºF (38.3ºC) or higher, and clinically compatible
symptoms (cough, coryza and/or conjunctivitis), particularly if the patient was
potentially exposed to a case of measles or has recently traveled to an area with an
on-going measles outbreak.
• Providers who are ordering measles testing must obtain samples from the following
sites: throat/nasopharyngeal swab (rRT-PCR), urine (rRT-PCR), and serum
(measles IgM and IgG). Timely measles testing is available at the Pennsylvania
Department of Health’s Bureau of Laboratories after consultation with the local or
state Department of Health.
• The DOH reminds providers that measles is a reportable condition, and
providers should immediately report suspected cases of measles to local public
health authorities or to the DOH at 877-PA-HEALTH (877-724-3258).


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